The Art of Relaxation

Experience Sound in Your Soul with the ViBoard: A Premium Danish-Crafted Vibration Platform! Connect with your body as you feel the music.

Feel the Vibrations!

The ViBoard is a cutting-edge platform designed to transform your relaxation experience through the soothing power of sound. With generous dimensions of 200x120cm, this unique surface immerses you in a world of tranquility by transmitting gentle vibrations.

Whether you choose to place it as a standalone addition in your home or office or connect multiple ViBoards to create a serene floor for your yoga studio or relaxation space, the options are limitless.

ViBoard is engineered to replicate vibrations as low as 18Hz, which is below the range of human hearing. As a result, you can experience music and sound that resonate within your body, inducing a deep sense of relaxation.

Rediscover the art of relaxation with the ViBoard and elevate your sensory experience to a new level of serenity. Let the soothing vibrations transport you to a state of inner calm and rejuvenation that you've never encountered before!


Genious, Mesmerizing and Effective

After my session with VibroAcoustics, I was buzzing with a really unique, calm energy. I've never experienced anything like it. It felt as if I was daydreaming, meditating, resting, and healing all at the same time. The music carried me on a beautiful little journey and the sound massage released all tensions from both my mind and body. I lost all sense of time and was completely entranced. These people know what they're doing! Can't wait to try it again soon.

Hanna Bledscheld

Beautiful Grounding Experience

Wauw! I just tried feeling sound in a new way. It was a deeply original healing sensation. Its difficult to compare it with anything else i’ve tried. My image of it is lying on the ground in a jungle. Surrounded by nature and singingbowls. There’s also a technoclub moving closer to me from far away. Vibrations grounding me all the time.

Peter Christoffersen

Never tryed anything like it

This is a complete game changer in terms of mental and fysical relief of stress and anxiety.
The vibrations and the full immersed experience you get is so intense and soooooo goooooood

Peter Haarhr Rasmussen