VibroAcoustic Sound Massage

VibroAcoustic Sound Massage

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VibroAcoustics Sound Massage

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Nature Tales & VibroAcoustics Presents: ⁣Vibroacoustics Sound Massage (VSM).

VSM is a contemporary pioneering concept under the medicinally approved vibroacoustic therapy (VAT). It’s an innovative vibro-tactile sonic and musical experience, lying on a VibroAcoustics Module - that massages, stimulates and releases tensions from the body and mind using vibrations.

The experience synthesizes being inside the womb of our mother, where we feel the most safe and sound.

The result is a deep state of relaxation, interchanging between states of waking and sleeping, the state where the body is regenerating.

The session is hosted by a facilitator guiding the beginning of the session.

Date & Time

Every Thursday

20:00 - 21:30 


Nature Tales Studio

William Wains Gade 11. 1th 1432 Refshaleøen


250 kr.
150 kr. Students & Unemployed

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VibroAcoustics Sound Massages (VSM)

With the leading ambient music producers of Copenhagen, we produce and design our VibroAcoustic Sound Massages around the relaxing effects of nature, synthesizing the experience of being inside our mothers womb, the safest place we know.

The massage can stimulate feelings like flying, levitating, riding on a train, swimming in the ocean, walking in the forest, or nesting deep within a warm cozy womb.

Vibroacoustic Sound Massage is a vibrotactile sub-sonic driven sound experience that stimulates the vagus nerve activating the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to enter the optimal states of relaxation. It slows down the brainwave frequencies from the everyday “Flight & Flight” mode to the “Rest & Digest” state.

This is felt by losing touch of our thoughts and time and instead starting to sense the body by being in between sleeping, dreaming and awake states of being..

Vibroacoustic Sound Massages stimulates the entire nervous and immune system through a musical, vibrational “tickle” and "massage" of the vagus nerve - the main nerves.

It guides the body to relax and let go into a stress-releasing state of safety, peace and stillness. This increases internal comfort and concentration, while relieving depression, anxiety, physical tensions and chronic pains. 

If you would like to read more about the research that our modality leans upon, please read here:

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 VibroAcoustics Music

Each session is a particular VibroAcoustics Production, composed by our different resident producers.

These can be previewed free on youtube, or accessed on demand via our channel:

Our VibroAcoustics Resident Producers Residents create contemporary innovative artworks aiming to echo our relationship to nature. The compositions communicate with the nervous system through sounds and vibration, inducing an instinctual calm. Triggered by genetics and culture, the massage is an invitation to enter back to the natural state of being.

By vibrotactile mindful listening we easily enter a meditative journey into the far-away lands of ourselves.

We use a variety of modalities and compository, therapeutic approaches with nature-based field recordings, sound design and recordings of organic instruments.

Inspired by the ancient and contemporary traditions of sound therapy and medicine that seek to synthesize nature, we’re leaning on the experiences of countless generations of regenerative sound cultures before us.

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"Touch the Sound"

We are VibroAcoustics: a technology, wellness and art-driven, community-centric company - focused on pioneering and legitimizing the regenerative powers of music and vibration through VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT).

We produce high quality VibroAcoustic technology hardware, HiFi ambient sound journeys and guided content to allow minds and bodies to rest naturally.

We are legitimizing the power of sound vibration therapy as an effective and non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” state. Here, your mind and body are eased into a deeper state of relaxation, achieving improved body-mind connection and a better sense of well-being - relieving stress, anxiety, depression and more.

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Nature Tales

We produces creative spaces, playful events & ambient music using modern technology and community culture to tailor transformative experiences. 

We are taking early steps into the future as we develop deep relaxing experiences using the pioneering vibroacoustic technology built into the floor of our homebase. We perform Vibroacoustic Sound Massages to bring you to the deepest induced presence possible.

The aim is to create an increased state of authenticity and contact to one’s own nature, functions and habits, combining cultural life and celebration with body-awareness and wellness.

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