VibroAcoustic Sound Massage

VibroAcoustic Sound Massage

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⁣Vibroacoustics Sound Massage (VSM) is an innovative vibrotactile sonic experience on a vibrating vibroacoustic floor, powerfully massaging, stimulating and releasing from tensions of the body and mind, into deep states of relaxation. 

The session is hosted by a facilitator, welcoming into the space, guiding a short introduction into the bass floor. 

Date & Time

Thursdays at 18:30 - 19:30 



William Wains Gade 11. 1th 1432


150kr. Reopening discount (300kr. regular price) 

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VibroAcoustic Sound Massages

The music we produce for VibroAcoustic Sound Massages use a variety of modalities and compository approaches with nature-based field recordings and sound design, together with samples and recordings of instruments, gongs, singing bowls, bells, flutes and didgeridoos. 

The journey can create everything from and in between feelings like flying off to the moon, levitating in white clouds, swimming in the ocean and walking in the forest, or nesting deep within a womb.

Vibroacoustic Sound Massage is a pioneering vibrotactile sub-sonic sound experience that stimulates the vagus nerve, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system,  allowing us to enter the optimal states of relaxation.  It helps to slows the brainwave activity down to where thoughts become one with the moment, and where we find ourselves in between sleeping, dreaming and wakeful states of being.

Vibroacoustic Sound Massages guides the body to relax, loosen and let go into a stress-releasing state of safety, peace and stillness. This increases internal awareness and concentration, while relieving stress, tensions, chronic pains and depression. It stimulates the entire nervous and immune systems through a musical, vibrational “tickle” or "massage" of the vagus nerve.

If you would like to read more about the research that our modality leans upon, please read here:

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The Menu 

Each session is a particular VA Sound Massage, by our different resident producers

These can be previewed free on youtube, or accessed on demand via our channel:

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VibroAcoustics Music

Our Resident producers of our VibroAcoustics Label  create contemporary innovative art pieces aiming to echo our relationship to nature. The compositions communicate with the nervous system through sounds and vibration, inducing an instinctual calm. Triggered by genetics  and culture, the massage is an invitation to enter back to the natural state of being. 

By vibrotactile listening we enter a meditative journey into the far-away lands of ourselves.

The music uses a combined modality of electronic music, sound therapy and nature-based field recordings. Inspired by the ancient and contemporary traditions of sound therapy and medicine that both seek to synthesize nature, we’re leaning on the experience of countless generations of regenerative sound cultures before us. 

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VibroAcoustics & The VibroAcoustic Studio

  • Dare to Relax

We believe that a sustainable future starts with sustainable individuals. Bridging gaps between therapy, science, technology, art and culture, VibroAcoustics aims to legitimize the regenerative power of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) through vibration sound therapy, helping achieve balance, calmness and self-rejuvenation.

VibroAcoustics combine vibrotactile subsonic frequencies felt lying on our Bass Floors paired with our carefully designed electronic musical compositions, tailored to ease the listener into a state of well-being. VibroAcoustics experiences range from therapy, yoga, sound massages, meditations to intimate immersive concerts and more.

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