VibroAcoustic Yoga

VibroAcoustic Yoga is a class for all levels, in which you're invited to expand your presence and awareness of your own mind and body.  The asana practice is followed by Yoga Nidra Relaxation, and VibroAcoustic Sound Relaxation.
The class is accompanied by music, sound and vibration coming from our Surround Sound System and our VibroAcoustic floor, which anchors the mind into presence, while providing a powerful Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), an unparalleled tool for mitigating the effects of depression, chronic pain, and epilepsy, through the release of tensions, stimulation of blood flow, and much more.

Read more about VNS on this article.
❈ About the Yoga practice ❈
Rooted in practices like Restorative, Yin, Nada and Hatha Yoga, the classes guide you through a slow yet, full-body workout, accompanied with music and sounds specially composed and selected for your wholesome experience. Each teacher brings their own unique style of “VibroAcoustic Yoga”, so each class varies in style, and how the VibroAcoustics are being used.
The organically transforming music serves as a reference point for the mind, body and breath, to stay present throughout the session, both activating and relaxing.
It assists in the core purpose of yoga - the “yuj” unifying with the now, to such a degree that the mind is often experienced simply enjoying being present.

❈ Meet Ishtadi, our resident yoga teacher ❈
Ishtadi embraced the yoga practice and travelled to India, where he has lived and studied with monks, nuns, siddhas, yogis, musicians and a variety of therapists and healers. His mission is to transform these ancient experiences of knowledge into a contemporary immersive culture.
In 2007, Ishtadi began teaching yoga , meditation, breathing and relaxation at schools, evening schools, yoga studios and following suit with yoga and children’s yoga classes.  Slowly he shifted focus to the most essential part of Yoga - The Immersion and how it’s facilitated through music.
Today Ishtadi expresses himself in his Nada Yoga “Sound Yoga” through producing, improvising and DJing music to VibroAcoustic Sessions, ceremonies, parties and concerts, as well as many different projects within the realms of wellness, dance and relaxation. His work is directed towards creating bridges between music, science, health, yoga and movement cultures.