VibroAcoustic Sound Massage

VibroAcoustic Sound Massage features innovative vibrotactile sonic live performances, experienced on a vibrating VibroAcoustic floor that massages, stimulates and relaxes tensions of the body and mind into deep states of serenity.

VibroAcoustic Sound Massage is a pioneering vibrotactile sub-sonic sound experience that stimulates the vagus nerve, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby allowing us to enter the optimal states of relaxation. The sessions aim to slow the brainwave activity down to where thoughts increasingly become one with the moment, and where we find ourselves in between sleeping, dreaming and wakeful states of being.

VSM guides the body to relax, loosen and let go into a stress-releasing environment with a focus on safety, peace and quiet. This increases internal awareness and concentration, while relieving stress, tensions, chronic pains and depression. It stimulates the entire immune system through a musical vibrational “tickle” of the vagus nerve.

The music produced for Sound Massages uses a combined modality of electronic music, sound therapy and nature-based field recordings, together with samples and recordings of acoustic instruments like gongs, singing bowls, bells, harps, flutes and didgeridoos.

The sounds echo our relationship to nature. Triggered by the genetic and cultural response to sounds and music, the music produced for VSM acts as an invitation to enter back to the natural state of being. Simply by listening, we enter a meditative journey into the far-away lands of ourselves, so close inside.


❈ Meet Ishtadi, our resident musician 

Collecting soundscapes around the world, Ishtadi orchestrates the sounds of nature into powerful and soothing musical landscapes. Combining field-recordings with electronic synthesis, organic rhythms, harmonies and symphonies evolve, awaking our genetically imprinted emotions, hidden somewhere deep inside ourselves. He invites us to experience fully immersive body and mind journeys, moving between the dense depths of the unconscious, to the realms of light and tranquil.