VibroAcoustic Music Meditation

VibroAcoustic Musical Meditation
is a soul-nourishing electronic sound healing experience that combines vibration therapy and carefully designed musical compositions, tailored to calm the mind and spirit, and invite awareness into the body.
Naturally, you will experience a deep state of relaxation, with plenty of room for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. The VibroAcoustic Music Meditation is an innovative multi-sensorial live performance, which you can experience on a state-of-art vibration floor. It massages your body and mind, inviting you into your most relaxed, de-stressed and present self.
During the session, the facilitator will use the vibrational medicine of carefully designed electronic musical compositions to help participants ‘meditate’, relax and heal amidst immersive sound from all directions and vibrations induced through the floor.
The vibrations of the VibroAcoustic floor effectively stimulate the vagus nerve which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as our ‘rest and digest’ state. That allows the body to completely relax, release and let go into a stress-free environment where it experiences deep safety, peace and quiet.
❈ Resident Musician ❈
As a grateful explorer of transformative experiences with music, sound and visuals, HOLTOUG has for the past years worked with various healing modalities to soothe the body, mind and spirit with his project ◯.
Inspired in equal measures of nature, plant medicines, ancient vedic meditation techniques and the simplicity of Daoist philosophy, he applies advanced computer algorithms to create ever changing compositions as a constant stream of musical consciousness and strives to create warm lush organic soundscapes of tones and textures that exists beyond time and space.
Utilising precise and carefully designed musical information tuned to & vibrating at specifically tailored frequencies, these sound/energy waves effect the body/mind/spirit in various profound ways tailored to ease the listener into various desired states of mind.