About VibroAcoustics

What is VibroAcoustics?

VibroAcoustics provides an immersive, audio-sensory, vibro-tactile experience for your mind and body to enter a deeper state of relaxation, achieving improved body-mind connection and a better sense of well-being.


We provide this experience through our VibroAcoustics floor products and music journeys offered to private businesses, clinics, and therapeutic institutions in Denmark, as well as at our physical space at Denmark’s first VibroAcoustic Studio located at William Wains Gade 11 on Refshaleøen. Here, you will find our wooden VibroAcoustics Bass Floor, world class surround sound system, and ambient soundscapes allowing the body and mind of individuals experiencing our sessions to enter a deep, parasympathetic body state and alpha brainwave state.


We live in the age of information where we are saturating our senses with information, therefore, we have created an alternate experience for the body and mind to disconnect from the information overload, and connect back to human faculties beyond the 5 senses; the conscious mind and emotions. We facilitate experiences for the human system to experience newer and higher states of consciousness where we can tap into our subconscious mind and resolve and release unattended emotions, traumas, and pent up tensions accumulated from stressful lifestyles.  


Through facilitating this meditative state, we assist people in accessing their unconscious mind (thoughts/emotions/memories), bringing it to the conscious realm, while providing a physical experience that feels good - rooted in the pleasure of listening to music and feeling its low frequency vibrations throughout the entire body.


We are dedicated to producing HiFi vibroacoustic floor products, music journeys and guided content to allow human minds and bodies to rest naturally.
We are centralising the effort from artists, scientists, therapists and engineers, to offer a complete form of lifestyle and therapy.


We aim to create a culture of self-regeneration - rooted in music and good vibrations.
Our purpose is to legitimize the regenerative powers of music and vibration, being pioneers of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) through VibroAcoustics therapy and lifestyle products.