Our studio on Refshaleøen is back open and we are ready to welcome you through our doors once again!

The VibroAcoustic Studio

The VibroAcoustic Studio features a state-of-art vibration floor, where you can immerse yourself in a variety of multi-sensorial live performances, ranging from the healing of sound massage and meditation, to ceremonies and intimate concerts.

Healing from the inside

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Our services

We provide a variety of experiences to offer relaxation and connect the body, mind and spirit.

VibroAcoustic Musical Meditation

Enter a soul-nourishing electronic sound healing experience that combines vibration therapy and carefully designed musical compositions, tailored to calm the mind and spirit, and invite awareness into the body.

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VibroAcoustic Sound Massage

The VibroAcoustic Sound Massage is an innovative multi-sensorial live performance, where you can experience on a state-of-art vibration floor. It massages your body and mind, inviting you into your most relaxed, de-stressed and present self.

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VibroAcoustic Yoga

VibroAcoustic Yoga is a class for all levels, in which you're invited to expand presence and awareness of your own mind and body. The asana practice is followed by Yoga Nidra Relaxation, and VibroAcoustic Sound Relaxation.

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The gift of relaxation

The world as we knew it has changed. Many of us are experiencing a deep and accelerated transformation.

It is essential that we make room for grounding in our lives, and give ourselves time to regenerate.

We invite you to consider the gift of relaxation.
Our gift cards are valid for all the VibroAcoustics products.

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“The VibroAcoustic Studio is certainly one of a kind. In an age where our senses are nearly always bombarded with information, the studio provides a chance for individuals to release and relax.”

Shaan Reza Ali

“I highly recommend to try the VibroAcoustic Sound Massage (VSM) in The VibroAcoustic Studio. The experience shot me into a deep relaxed state within just a matter of minutes assisted by the otherworldly beautiful sounds scapes filling the space”

Liya Soulsound

“The vibrating floor feels like a full-body massage, and it’s deeply relaxing. In addition to the actual experience of these amazing floors, comes the warm and cozy vibe created by the community”

Claire Côté

“The VibroAcoustic studio really blew my mind and vibrated my body - so much that I almost felt my cells vibrating and rejuvenating. All in all a very healing experience, smooth professional studio feel and a magic crew!”

Emil Bregnesholt

“A completely wonderful experience, I felt massaged by deep vibrations, reminding the body to relax and be mindful in the most playful way. It is the easiest and most healing meditation technique in the world”

Cornelia Christensen

“The vibration tingles and bathe every part of your body. It’s a dive underwater. It’s a rebirth. You're surrounded by a duvet of vivid sounds lying on a bed of bass. In this heaven you let go of fears and tensions”

Maximillian Fornitz Vording


The VibroAcoustics Studio

William Wains Gade 11
1432 København

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