Touch the Sound

VibroAcoustics is changing the way we experience music, combining

audible and physical sensations - feel the vibrations of sound to

achieve better mental health and well-being. 

Benefits of VibroAcoustics Therapy

VibroAcoustics Sound Massage non-invasively stimulates the Vagus Nerve - immediatly relaxing the mind and body, eliciting feel-good emotions, a heightened state of well-being and improved mind-body connection.

Calmer Nervous System

Sense of well-being

Improved Vitality

After a session you can expect to walk away feeling de-stressed, recharged and rejuvenated.



Multi-purpose sound vibration platforms for wellness, therapy, immersive art experiences & more.

About us

VibroAcoustics is a technology, wellness and art-driven, community-centric company - focused on pioneering the regenerative powers of music and vibration through VibroAcoustic Therapy (VAT).

We produce high quality VibroAcoustic technology hardware, HiFi ambient sound journeys and guided content to allow minds and bodies to rest naturally.

We are legitimising the power of sound vibration therapy as an effective and non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS), activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the “rest and digest” state.

Here, your mind and body are eased into a deeper state of relaxation, achieving improved body-mind connection and a better sense of well-being - relieving stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Our Resident producers of VibroAcoustics Records create contemporary innovative art pieces aiming to echo our relationship to nature. The compositions communicate with the nervous system through sounds and vibration, inducing an instinctual calm.

The sounds of VibroAcoustics Records are designed to be felt... on our pioneering product: The VibroAcoustics Bass Module.



"I didn't know how much I needed VibroAcoustics Sound Massage before I tried it. It was a truly beautiful experience that allowed me to reconnect with myself and my emotions. It's a perfect stress reliever and a wonderful break from the everyday rush. I was so lucky that I got to try their newest modules as well - even though the experience was great on their first modules, the vibrations are so much more distinct and intense in the new modules making it much faster to let go of your thoughts and reconnect."


- Musician


"Vibroacoustics gæstede min kærestes og min festival “Free Festival”. Vi er enormt taknemlige for vi fik denne mulighed, da de bød ind med en oplevelse i særklasse til vores festivals gæster.
Vi havde et generelt højt tempo på vores hovedescene, så at vores gæster havde mulighed for at kunne gå ned og komme helt ned i gear, var en fantastisk kontrast.
Som arrangør var der meget at se til, men når man ind i mellem opgaverne skulle helt ned i gear og finde ro i krop og sind, var dette et helt perfekt instrument.

De varmeste anbefalinger fra Free Festival teamet. Det var en fornøjelse at have hele teamet på besøg."


- Festival Organizer


"Had the pleasure to try VibroAcoustics at a festival this weekend!
Its really rare I write a review on Trustpilot, but this product is worth writing a review about.
A really cool design, and comfortable platform to lay on! Feels like a 3D experience with music. It's perfect for your mind and soul, and takes relaxation to the next level.

I would highly recommend you to try this If you get the chance."


- Festival Guest

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